Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beautiful Celebrity Photos

I discovered this amazing website that shows pictures of celebrities with either with other random celebrities or doing random things...either way, they are addicting to look at!
Visit http://www.thisisnotporn.net/  (weird name, I know). Their slogan is "This is not porn, this is pure beauty." AND IT IS!!
Here are some of my favorites:

Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.
Sophia Loren
Albert Einstein with an Albert Einstein puppet.
John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison preparing to cross Abbey Road for their legendary album cover.
Elizabeth Taylor
 David Letterman checking out Cher’s bum while she’s
hugging Sonny Bono on Late Night, 1987.

Marilyn Monroe. 
Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor. 
Diane Keaton and Al Pacino during the filming of The Godfather.
Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese on the set of Taxi Driver.

Plain White T-Shirt 3 Ways

White T #1

I'm a huge fan of pops of color with neutral colors. This is a simple outfit that is easy to throw on in the morning, but looks like you took the time to style the outfit.
Truly Madly Deeply scoop neck top, $18
Miss Me Jeans, $105
Tory Burch leather shoes, $126
Bangles jewelry, $25
Dorothy Perkins gold tone jewelry, £9.50

White Shirt #2

This outfit is cute for day time and a night out. Add a simple black blazer if it's a chilly night.
Truly Madly Deeply oversized top, $18
Plush fleece tight, $35
H M flare skirt, £20
Michael Antonio platform booties, $50
Nine West shoulder handbag, £65
2028 Jewelry statement bib necklace, $60

White T shirt #3

I have these lululemon leggings and I wear them all the time! They are thick and warm and extremely comfortable. This outfit is nice for a shopping day, lunch with friends, or just lounging around the house.
Twenty8Twelve drape cardigan, £50
Truly Madly Deeply white top, $18
wunder under crop *reversible | women's crops | lululemon athletica, $78
Unisa black boots, $60
Tinley Road gold plated jewelry, $22
Elie Tahari black ring, $50

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happiness in One Word

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving weekend was fun! Saw this video over the weekend and I thought I would Share it with you all.

Rainn Wilson's production company SoulPancake interviewed a person from every decade of life to hear his take on happiness.

SoulPancake: Happy Hundred

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with music

Such a mind boggling concept. In this, 3-min performance from the World Science Festival, musician Bobby McFerrin uses the pentatonic scale to reveal one surprising result of the way our brains are wired.
So interesting!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Current Obsessions of the Week

My Current Obsessions of the Week
My Current Obsessions of the Week by kcarroll33 featuring lightweight scarves

This past week I fell in love with each of these items.
First, the Jack Black Lip Balm was a free sample from Sephora, but I'm going to buy the real deal when I'm out.  It makes my lips so smooth and tastes great!  Believe me, I've tried everything when it comes to chapped lips, this works.
Next, the Too Faced natural eye shadow pallet.  This is perfect for creating an easy natural eye for day time and use natural darker colors for a night out.  It even comes with a brush that makes eyeliner look great.
This Staring At Stars lightweight scarf is from Urban Outfitters.  I bought it a few weeks ago when it started getting a little chilly in Tucson.  It's so soft and warm! Plus, it's long, big, and fluffy: the ultimate accessory.  I just bought it purple too.
Finally, I was introduced to this all natural Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub.  It really tingles when you wash your face, and my face felt incredibly soft and clean when I finished.  Let me know what products you love and I'll try them and let you know what I think! 

Cool New Sleep/Alarm App on iPhone!

I just discovered this app called 'Sleep Cycle' this past week.  When you go to sleep, you put it next to your pillow and it measures your sleep pattern by the movement in your bed.  I used it throughout the week to see how much I really slept.  It wasn't 100 percent accurate, but it was interesting to see my sleep cycles throughout each night.  I was a little uncomfortable to have my phone right next to my head, so I set it to airplane mode.  You set the alarm to the time you want to get up, and the app wakes you up when it decides you are in the optimal sleep cycle.  For example: if I'm in a light sleep cycle, it will wake me up up to 30 minutes before my set alarm time. You can either choose a soothing sound from the app to wake you up or select a song from your own music.

St. Philips Plaza Farmers' Market

This Sunday, I decided to walk around the Tucson St. Philips Plaza Farmers' Market with my friend Katelyn.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning, not too hot or cold.  I had a bad cold over the past week, so the fresh air was just what I needed.

 We decided to stop at the Tucson Tamale Company's booth first.
Next, we walked over to Frog's Organic Bakery.  They had so many mouth watering pastries. They gave us so many free samples too. (Not smart since I just started to diet the week before...but it was worth it!).  I tried an almond chocolate croissant that was so light and fluffy, I had to buy one for myself that I ate this morning for breakfast.  

 I had to stop and pet this cutie! Doesn't he look like a teddy bear?
I started talking to this woman named Ally Wacks when I strayed from Katelyn for a little bit.  She told me about her company, "Living Blessed," and the natural oils she sells that are packaged by individuals with cognitive impairments and developmentally delaying disabilities.  It teaches them job skills and personal value.  She sells rejuvenation oil, bug repellent, headache eradicating lavender pillows. 
To find out more about her mission and products visit http://www.livingblessed.com/
Our last stop was at a food truck called Planet of the Crepes.  Katelyn had been interviewing them for an acticle for her class, so I decided to try one. 
 I got a Nutella and banana crepe and it was delicious!

The St. Philips Plaza Farmers' Market is open every Sunday morning from 9 am to 1 pm!

Do you visit your local Farmers' Market?

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I recently decided to start a blog about things that I love to do, see, use, smell, wear, eat, etc... I am a college student figuring life out.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles' South Bay.  For now, I am stuck in Tucson, Ariz., but am making the best of it.  I love to explore the cities I travel to, and love to take pictures so you can see what I see.  I am still learning the ins and outs of this blog, so bear with me.  In the mean time....enjoy!
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