Monday, November 21, 2011

St. Philips Plaza Farmers' Market

This Sunday, I decided to walk around the Tucson St. Philips Plaza Farmers' Market with my friend Katelyn.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning, not too hot or cold.  I had a bad cold over the past week, so the fresh air was just what I needed.

 We decided to stop at the Tucson Tamale Company's booth first.
Next, we walked over to Frog's Organic Bakery.  They had so many mouth watering pastries. They gave us so many free samples too. (Not smart since I just started to diet the week before...but it was worth it!).  I tried an almond chocolate croissant that was so light and fluffy, I had to buy one for myself that I ate this morning for breakfast.  

 I had to stop and pet this cutie! Doesn't he look like a teddy bear?
I started talking to this woman named Ally Wacks when I strayed from Katelyn for a little bit.  She told me about her company, "Living Blessed," and the natural oils she sells that are packaged by individuals with cognitive impairments and developmentally delaying disabilities.  It teaches them job skills and personal value.  She sells rejuvenation oil, bug repellent, headache eradicating lavender pillows. 
To find out more about her mission and products visit
Our last stop was at a food truck called Planet of the Crepes.  Katelyn had been interviewing them for an acticle for her class, so I decided to try one. 
 I got a Nutella and banana crepe and it was delicious!

The St. Philips Plaza Farmers' Market is open every Sunday morning from 9 am to 1 pm!

Do you visit your local Farmers' Market?

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